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Our Guaranteed Sale


Most agents assume they know what you want as a seller. So they pigeonhole you into
an antiquated model of selling your home via just one selling process.

We believe selling your home should be better. Selling should come with options.
Exchanging real estate should be no different than any other service in your life. You
can choose to work with agents who will do what everyone else does OR you can work
with experts who design a customized and strategic process for your home.

When you list your home with us, you receive our guarantee. We will sell your home at
a price acceptable to you or we will buy it. Of course, there are some limitations and
this program may not be available for every home. Unlike the typical investor, my goal
is NOT to own your home. The reason I offer this program is to make sure we all have
the exact same expectations BEFORE we start marketing your home.